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Synergy Group celebrates its Silver Jubilee Anniversary

Synergy Group, a leader in the integrated marketing communication (IMC) industry, celebrated its 25th Anniversary recently.

Founded in 1999 by Ahmed Kapadia, Synergy Group began its journey with a clear mission of fostering a work culture where teamwork, experimentation, and knowledge-sharing are paramount.

The Group’s 25th Anniversary was marked by celebrations of its achievements, collaborative culture, and continuous growth.

“From our humble beginnings, we have always encouraged our team to dare to dream big, experiment, learn, and grow together. It is this spirit of unity, teamwork and the challenger mindset that has driven us to achieve remarkable milestones over the past 25 years.”

Understanding the challenges and the opportunities that the world of IMC offers in Pakistan, Synergy Group remained ahead of the curve and established brands and companies that are involved in BTL marketing, digital media, public relations, media buying, publications, and activation campaigns.



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