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Pakola Black | Drink your Passion – Drink Guilt Free (wishful campaign)

Is this the rise of local brands we have been waiting for?

Much has been spoken about localization and innovation by local brands to compete with global brands. The need has been triggered by COVID that disrupted supply chain and then recently the curb on imports.

We have seen the local chocolate spread, shampoo, soap, huge amount of fragrance, beauty, leather goods and clothing and many more categories make some waves.
However, one of the biggest market of beverages still remains dominated by international brands and a few seasonal mushrooms.

With the ongoing sentiments due to global conflicts and the cry for Be Local, Buy Local, save Foreign Exchange,  Team at The Blue Dot thought to create a campaign for one of the most cherished brands of Pakistan.

The thought transpired into a solid set of visuals.

The perfect gift for the summer season, The Blue Dot represents the (wishful) campaign for Pakola- Drink your Passion- Drink Guilt Free with the launch of Pakola Black.

So go on, have a look at the brand creation journey, the IMC and campaign roll-out all across Pakistan, online and on-ground.

Source: The Blue Dot – LinkedIn Page



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