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Duracell powers into cost-of-living crisis with new value campaign

Created by Wunderman Thompson, the new campaign focuses on the value for money offered by Duracell’s longer-lasting batteries, compared to cheaper alternatives.

In the face of soaring inflation, when budgets are tight, it is tempting to save money by switching well-known, high-quality brands with cheaper alternatives. However, this approach often compromises long-term reliability, according to Duracell. The brand’s latest campaign effectively demonstrates that investing in a more durable option can in fact save you more money in the long run and reassures consumers that they are making the right choice.

Created by integrated marketing agency Wunderman Thompson UK, the campaign highlights how Duracell batteries outlast competing brands by 200%, demonstrating their durability, long-lasting power, and overall performance, which results in fewer replacements and bigger cost savings for families.

The ‘Dad Got Caught’ campaign sees a father buy cheap batteries, hoping his family will not notice. However, soon enough his child’s toy car grinds to a halt and mum’s electric screwdriver unexpectedly fails, prompting the intervention of the iconic Duracell Bunny.

With a roll of his eyes, he declares: “Someone’s made a questionable choice.” With Bunny watching on, the family’s cries reach Dad in the dark attic. The light in his head torch fails. Karma is delivered with a thump.

Known for his boundless energy and reliability, the Duracell Bunny reaches into his back pocket and produces a pack of Duracell Optimum batteries. With a knowing smile, the Bunny advises: “Next time, try Duracell.”

The integrated campaign is running across TV, social, out-of-home and radio in LATAM, and will run in the UK, Europe and South America until the end of 2023.




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