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BMW unveils colour-changing car concept, the BMW i Vision Dee

The BMW i Vision Dee is fitted with 240 individually controllable colour-changing panels in the first automotive application of E Ink Prism 3 technology.

BMW has unveiled a concept car that can change colours in seconds, thanks to the use of e-ink technology.

The BMW i Vision Dee was unveiled at the CES consumer technology show in Las Vegas this week.

Last year, the car manufacturer exhibited the BMW iX Flow, a monochrome model that could change shades. However, this year’s i Vision Dee can switch between 32 colours.

The demonstration car is covered in 240 colour-changing panels, which are laser cut and applied to the bodywork with ePaper film made by US firm E Ink. Each of the 240 segments can be individually controlled.

Potential uses for colour changes include personalisation and communication of information. Colour changes can indicate battery status, whether a car-sharing ride is free, or even the location of a hard-to-find parked car via flashing lights. It is even possible to control for temperature through colour changes that affect how much sunlight is reflected.

The concept car uses the E Ink Prism 3 solution and is the first use of the colour-changing skin in an automotive application.



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