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PepsiCo Announces Mohammad Khosa as New CEO for Pakistan and Afghanistan

PepsiCo Announces Mohammad Khosa as New CEO for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mohammad Khosa also served as the Senior Commercial and Corporate Affairs Director at PepsiCo in Pakistan. He is a seasoned growth architect who oversees one of PepsiCo’s largest food businesses in the region, and heads multiple cross-sectoral teams across the farm-to-consumer supply chain that operates from state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. In his 13-year career with PepsiCo Pakistan, Mohammad has also led the beverages business. Coupled with his strategic vision, the breadth and depth of his company knowledge has enabled value-creation across iconic brands such as Pepsi, Dew, Sting, Aquafina, Gatorade, Lay’s, Kurkure, and Cheetos, redefining consumer engagement and brand building while optimizing shareholder returns. He is keenly invested in driving a balance between business growth, return on capital, and building brands and people’s capabilities for sustained performance.

In addition to PepsiCo’s commercial operations, Mohammad also leads the dynamic Corporate Affairs function. In this role, he is a progressive leader who creates critical and meaningful partnerships with the government, various business forums and stakeholders across diversified areas such as taxation, trade policies and investments. He oversees the company’s active multifarious engagements and strategic partnerships on meeting key pep+ targets such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain, tackling the country’s food security crisis, enabling safe water access for communities, driving investments in leading a circular economy for plastics, and accelerating community livelihood and youth development and educational programs.

Mohammad is renowned for his nuanced and rigorous approach towards business development that focuses on innovation, product development, world-class market access distribution systems and building new capabilities such as revenue management. He champions new service models such as Global Business Services and is dedicated to designing products for affordability in developing markets and strengthening agricultural efficiency. Mohammad has also spearheaded multiple transformational and capacity development projects, providing inspirational leadership to the organization and mentorship to his employees.

Mohammad has over 18 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and general management across multiple FMCG categories. Prior to PepsiCo, he worked with British American Tobacco in various key roles. His diverse business and corporate sector experience includes foods, beverages, tobacco, and technology. His expertise spans multiple business models including franchise-owned, company-owned, agro-based and joint ventures. Mohammad is passionate about strengthening diversity in leadership, inclusion in the workplace and increasing gender parity across teams, as well as driving multiple women inclusion programs in rural areas for tangible, grassroots social impact.

Mohammad is an alumnus of McGill University Canada, and a graduate of the prestigious General Management Program of the Wharton Executive Education, University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys sports, traveling, reading, and leveraging his strengths towards creating meaningful opportunities for people and facilitating community development.



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