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#LearningMustNotStop: The Citizens Foundation urges to save education of flood-affected children

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) recently launched its campaign ‘Learning Must Not Stop’ to bring attention to the education crisis in Pakistan that has been exacerbated in light of the floods in the country – disrupting learning for 3.5 million children. The education crisis is bound to worsen in this scenario unless measures are taken to ensure continuity in learning.

Pakistan was already recovering from the devastating impact of COVID-19 when the recent floods resulted in significant displacement, loss of livelihoods, and damage to the education infrastructure. As a result, children are now at a greater risk of dropping out of school. Children are taking up work to support their families, and girls are at an increased risk of child marriage.

Crisis after crisis, vulnerable children face an interruption in their education. Ongoing crises not only halt development but erase decades of progress toward eliminating poverty and its associated challenges. To break this cycle and safeguard the future of children from less privileged communities, it is vital to empower them with quality education.

For 27 years, TCF has been working to bring the children of Pakistan off the streets and into schools through its nationwide network of schools. In response to the flood crisis, TCF is working on the ground to bring flood-affected children back to school. The organisation is preventing school dropouts by engaging families through community visits, addressing learning loss through remediation, and prioritising social-emotional well-being to support flood-affected children.

To support the movement or learn more, visit: https://www.tcf.org.pk/yec-2022/



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