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Jacquemus unveils Café Fleurs concept pop-up in Seoul

Jacquemus’s Seoul pop-up blends fashion and ambiance, highlighting the Bambimou bag and “Le Chouchou” collection. Experience this stylish café and flower shop fusion until October 29th in Seongsu district.

Jacquemus is expanding its global footprint. Following the unveiling of its “café fleurs” in Paris and a succession of international pop-ups, the French brand makes its grand entrance in Seoul.

Unveiled in October last year in the bustling Seongsu district of South Korea’s capital, Simon Porte Jacquemus introduced his most recent pop-up, a mesmerizing spectacle celebrating the iconic Bambimou bag with a puff-flapped design. The 2,000-square-foot space, adorned with a sumptuous, fluffy facade, is a world where fashion and ambiance converge.

Inside, visitors are welcomed into a dual-purpose haven – a café offering a curated selection of eight unique beverages and a flower shop, graced with the elegance of white Lisianthus bouquets. The ambiance is accentuated by the display of the Fall/Winter 2023 “Le Chouchou” collection. The collection prominently features cherries, a theme echoed in an ad campaign led by Gigi Hadid, and is further celebrated through the offering of cherry-inspired drinks at the pop-up.

This collection first made its grand appearance in Versailles in June, where attendees journeyed by boat to their seats, greeted by models gracing a cherry-red carpet in attire reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and Princess Diana’s iconic styles. Puffballs, lacy dresses, and frothy skirts dominated the scene.

Since launching his inaugural flower shop in 2021 amid pandemic constraints, Jacquemus has evolved into a connoisseur of immersive pop-up experiences. Paris and Milan witnessed the allure of his Barbie pink 24/7 vending machine, while London was graced with “Le Bleu” pop-up, inspired by the designer’s own bathroom aesthetics.

Jacquemus unveils Café Fleurs concept pop-up in Seoul

From the most recent collection, accessories like La Pochette rond carré clutch and a distinctive cherry necklace, available in a spectrum of colors, were standout pieces. The designer recently introduced “Le Chouchou,” a 232-page book that encapsulates the essence and details of the collection.

Jacquemus‘ latest pop-ups, hosted in Lake Como and Portofino, Italy, in May and June respectively, showcased his summer collections in these picturesque locales.

The Seoul exposition, a blend of art, fashion, and sensory experience, welcomes visitors until October 29th, marking yet another chapter in the brand’s global odyssey.



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