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Haier Brand Seminar 2023 Winning Together Transformation, Leading & Redefine

Haier has built a name for itself as the pioneer of the home appliances industry. Haier came back again this year with its most exciting and mega event of the year. Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about the Haier Brand Seminar 2023, which is one of the most talked about annual events. The seminar’s theme for this year was “Winning Together,” where Haier acknowledged their clients, dealers, business partners, staff and distribution network and gave them credit for the brand’s success. Haier also inspired them to believe that working together will result in a win-win situation for everyone.

Haier took this event as an opportunity to introduce a high-end home appliances brand to Pakistan- Casarte, which comes with a variety of interactive smart products, innovative technologies and premium lifestyle products. Casarte, which translates to “Art of Home,” seeks to redefine lifestyles and promote “Refined Living.” Everyone had the opportunity to experience Casarte home scenarios live at the Brand Seminar, where they could experience the interconnectivity of the complete home appliances range. For better comprehension, interactive smart products and appliances were also shown to them and the attendees were amazed to witness the brand-new, cutting-edge smart devices.

This year the featured Haier products included Haier Twin Inverter + Refrigerator, the “Real Freshness Leader” which keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, Haier Solar Hybrid AC which helps reduce energy bills, Haier Commercial Air Conditioner which is engineered to provide healthy living with smart inverter technology, Haier Deep Freezer which has a complete range of convertible freezers, Haier Washing Machine front-load range which provides a superior washing experience, Haier LED TVs with hands-free voice control features and Haier Cooking range which brings safe, healthy and smart cooking appliances to the kitchen.

The CEO of Haier Pakistan Mr. Feng Xianfa while talking about the event, expressed his gratitude to Haier’s employees, partners, dealers and business associates for helping Haier achieve new milestones and increasing consumers’ trust and loyalty in the brand. The CEO of Haier Industrial Park, Mr. Javed Afridi also showed his excitement and said “We are looking forward to an extremely successful year ahead with Haier.” Mr. Sohaib Rathore, Director Sales discussed the brand’s plans for the new year and said “This year will be much better in terms of new product launches, technological advancements and customer experience.” Director Marketing, Mr. Hamayoun Bashir said on the occasion “The future is full of infinite possibilities. We look forward to a wonderful journey that will increase brand value, improve customer experience and bring new technological innovations that help change lives.”

The focus of Haier Pakistan is on creating an eco-brand for the IOT age. Haier Pakistan is inspiring and winning hearts across Pakistan with its innovative products and it will continue to revolutionize, redefine and transform lifestyles to take Pakistan into the IOT era.



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