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Dewan Motors announces the launch of new state-of-art Electric Charging Station at Bhera M2

The pioneers of electric mobility in Pakistan, Dewan Motors (Pvt.) Limited has installed yet another DC charging point now at Bhera Station. The first feat of inaugurating Pakistan’s first public electric vehicle charging point was at Emporium Mall, Lahore back in 2016. Shortly after, Karachi celebrated as Dewan Motors installed another EV charging station at Dolmen Mall Clifton. However, the true journey begins from here on out, so fasten your seatbelts.

BMW Dewan ChargeNow stations ensure convenient urban mobility solutions, powered by ABB EV Chargers by Albario Engineering a renowned Swedish brand providing operational power of up to 120kW, enabling ultra-fast charging for BMW electric cars in less than 30 minutes. Electric car owners en route through M2 Motorway can now utilize BMW ChargeNow stations at Bhera, allowing for efficient, fearless traveling.

“This is just the beginning of an era in electro mobility. We know that the future is electric and so for our valued EV customers, we are investing heavily in the infrastructure across the country to travel with peace of mind”, said Ms. Nabiha Yousuf, CEO – Dewan Motors.

With the range of BMW electric cars, moving towards a cleaner and greener Pakistan owing to zero CO2 emission. Dewan Motor’s has been continuously stepping up to provide EV solutions in the country.

“With the implementation of services support and introduction of new charging facilities, we envision an electrically advanced transportation infrastructure laid out in the country which will be cost-efficient and affordable for customers to experience fearless electric car travel all over Pakistan”,added Mr. Zaeem ul Haque, Director Operations – Dewan Motors.



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