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Change begins with education

On March 19, 2023, cycling enthusiasts in the city of Lahore came together to participate in The Citizen Foundation’s Cycle for Change, an event where all came together to ride and raise funds!

They pedaled their way to the TCF School Sultan Dossa Campus XI in Bhangali where a tour of the school and a joyous meet-and-greet session with both students and staff took place. The cyclists were left highly impressed by the modern facilities in the purpose-built campus, designed meticulously to provide a safe and nurturing environment

The Cycle for Change event is a part of TCF’s mission to raise awareness about the utmost necessity for quality education and it’s inescapable, positive impact on the lives of less-privileged children in Pakistan.
TCF aims to build schools in remote regions offering quality education so that the future of thousands of children can be safeguarded against the devastating consequences of illiteracy.



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