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Fanta rebrands with bolder and more vibrant new look

The Coca-Cola company has unveiled a new global brand identity for its soft drink brand, Fanta, according to media reports. The refreshed look features brighter, more colorful and more vibrant colors as well as an updated and more simplified wordmark with the removal of the classic orange circle and green lead.  The rebranding, which was led by Coca-Cola’s global design team and creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, reportedly aims to inspire people to find the fun in life and to “make the plain playful” with a look that remains “unmistakably Fanta”.

The new look has been paired with illustrations of fruits that align with the flavor of the drink and also accompanied with graphics such as diamonds and lighting bolts. Brighter colors inspired by the various flavor available globally have also replaced the backdrop of the new design.



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